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When my son first saw the Instagram post on “Pursue Your Spark” podcast, he was a bit upset that “someone has stolen our saying!”  He didn’t realize Heike was using our quote to promote my interview with her.  “We’re not lost. We’re on an Adventure!” was a life-changing moment for me when he said this to me, many years ago.  Reassured, he enjoyed listening to the podcast.

"We're not lost, we're on an adventure" quoted in the Pursue Your Spark podcast
A life changing quote my son said to me over a decade ago…

Pursue Your Spark

Pursue Your Spark with Heike Yates is a podcast typically featuring fitness tips for women 50+.  However, Heike likes to offer mindset tips as well.  That’s where my perspective that Adventure is an Attitude fit right in! 

Heike describes the interview this way:

Adventures can be just a tiny step or a momentous leap. The important factor is that they move you forward! This week’s podcast is with Stacey Newman from Adventure Wednesdays. Changing the way you view the world opens up unimaginable opportunities for adventure, self-growth, and fulfillment.

Instead of feeling stuck, lacking, or lost it’s time to consider that you might just be on the path to a new opportunity or adventure.

Stacey’s very first “adventure” was simply to leave work by a different exit than usual and walk home a different route. Little did she know that it was the first small step towards:

Hula hooping on a mountain

Installing art at Burning Man

Adventure Mobiles 2019 3 taxis as art installation at Burning Man 2019
My art installation at Burning Man 2019. Located across the main street, Esplanade, in front of the the NY theme camp, Kostume Kult

Starting her own online business

Selling her home and moving cross country to start her tiny home dream

She joined me to spread her message that adventure is always right on your doorstep. You don’t have to follow other people’s definitions or paths. Take that baby step, lean into your discomfort, and find what lights you up…

Episode #110

Here’s the link to listening to “How to Turn Everyday into an Adventure” podcast #110


Pursue Your Spark podcast announcement with images of Heike Yates and Stacey Newman Weldon

My Favorite Tidbits

On how Adventure Wednesdays started:

It was a time in my life when I realized I didn’t know what I FOUND FUN.  I was such a people-pleaser that I always went along with what everyone else wanted to do. The old question “what do you want to do?” “No – what do YOU want to do?” I would just go along and have fun doing what other people did.  I had no clue what I really wanted to do.  That’s how Adventure Wednesdays started – to discover what I enjoyed doing.

You can find adventures in your backyard. So I did that. I started as a tourist in the town I had lived in for decades. And then, as I started travelling, I realized “I’m in everyone else’s backyard now. What are they going to see?”


That’s part of the Adventure: to be okay with failure.  That’s another way to learn.

It was an awakening of my curiosity, which had been dormant.

Baby Steps

"Once you start taking those baby steps...don't underestimate what you could possibly be doing for adventures later on" words over image of baby on floating ring

Like any transformational journey, it took more than that one step to change my life completely.

I like to say ‘One adventure builds upon another.  So as you try one thing, you get the courage to try something else.’

Adventure Attitude

Even when it’s “highly challenging times” like we’re living in now, you turn that from an obstacle into a challenge to overcome. It’s not a barrier to something that makes you stop and stay stuck. I.e. “I’ve come up to this big wall. How do I get around it? Through it? Under it? Over it? Do I make a window instead of a door?”

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Curiosity sparked is key for your adventure mindset.  Learn all sorts of new things in these posts – and use them to inspire your own adventures!

Into chocolate, and want to try this yummy familiar food in new ways? Check out these blog posts

Self Care is not selfish! When it comes to learning to play and have fun, taking care of you in different ways makes you, and life, more joyful

Be inspired by these guest bloggers who have created their adventure attitudes and transformations in their unique ways.

Sometimes to shift your outlook on life, you need to shift your perspective by traveling somewhere unfamiliar, or seeing familiar places in new ways.  It was while I was in another country that I realized – everywhere is someone’s backyard!  I’ve also become a big fan of traveling to one place that is wildly different each year – an event in the Nevada desert called “Burning Man”

Are you dreaming of tiny house adventures?  Start here.  I’ve worked at a tiny house builder, and am renovating a 1975 Airstream to be my home for my digital nomad life.

Your Adventure Mindset Mentor

Stacey Newman Weldon You need more fun & spontaneity in your life, and aren’t sure of next steps or the path to follow.  Let’s connect! You could choose a free 15 minute chat, various courses, or even select one-to-one coaching.

Learn more here:

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