CBD changed Amy’s life for the better

CBD changed Amy Chin of Calm Better Days

Amy Chin, owner of Calm Better Days

Amy was, as she describes herself, that hamster on the hamster wheel.  That crazy hamster, running and running and running.  Reacting to everything.  Irritable, cranky and anxious.  She was often yelling at her two young daughters, unable to be present emotionally for them.  At the time, she couldn’t understand why she woke up every morning feeling like she was getting out of bed on the wrong side.  In a marriage counseling session, her therapist told Amy she had anxiety issues and postpartum depression.  Knowing Amy wanted a holistic solution, the therapist suggested she try CBD.  Amy did.  CBD changed Amy’s life for the better!

Monkey brain

When you’re in the middle of your own chaos, you often aren’t even aware of your own issues.  Amy hadn’t realized at the time she had anxiety.  She says self-awareness is so important to your well-being.  She used to have a hard time quieting the chatter in her brain, trying yoga and meditation.  Feeling like life was falling apart, Amy was open to trying something new, trying something different, because the “usual” solutions weren’t helping.

Back in 2016 CBD was not yet legal nationwide.  In New York she could obtain it after getting a medical card.  Her early forays to the marijuana dispensaries to buy CBD were disappointing because no one there knew how to help her find the right products or dosage.  She opted for capsules as she thought that would be the easiest way to test it out.  This lack of professional guidance at the medical dispensary sparked an interest that Amy decided to follow further with more research.  All they could tell her was that it could help her calm her monkey brain.

CBD changed Amy’s life.

Amy Chin Calm Better Days on social media

Amy knows the benefits from her personal experience and research.


Amy started taking the CBD, making it part of her routine. She noticed how it did more than calm her nerves.  It allowed her to take a step back and see how she reacted to situations like the crazy hamster.  It became her stepping stone to her self-awareness journey.  She says her life changed from waking up feeling miserable, hating every moment and that everything is a struggle.  With her CBD regimen, her life shifted to feeling like she wakes up on the right side of the bed, able to take on the adventures and face the challenges of the day!

Once she saw how she went from being “that yelling mom” to the present, interacting mom she wondered why information on CBD as a solution wasn’t out there for everyone to know about.  Amy followed that initial spark of interest and did more extensive research.  She learned how the cannabinoid works with the endocannabinoids of the human system.  Then she learned more about plant medicine and how each delivery option (capsules, tinctures, herbal teas) works.  Amy also delved into products and the farms where CBD plants are grown.

Amy Chin Calm Better Days  meets with her sources

Amy personally checks out all the products so she can better advise her clients on appropriate ones.

CBD became Amy’s passion.  After a lifetime of working for places like Federated stores developing products, or working for restaurants (even helping launch one), she discovered her calling is guiding others to wellness.  One adventure builds upon another.  She needed to try something different to change her life.  Amy discovered a wellness solution that worked for her.  She explored the terrain of the growing CBD world.  Finally, after four years (and the fortunate federal legalization of CBD), Amy took her passion to the next level and launched her own business, Calm Better Days.

Are you CBD curious?

Amy Chin CBD in person workshops

Amy offers workshops and education – in person (when we could) and now, virtually. Keep updated on her workshops via social media

Amy and I connected during a networking meetup, when I mentioned the five blogs I wrote last year in honor of 420 (4/2020).  We agree that there are so many CBD products out there, it gets confusing.  Finding good product that works in the way you want can also be an expensive venture. Amy has taken the time to research a wide variety of products.  She’s proud to support small farms, women-owned businesses as well as people of color.  She doesn’t sell one product line, she offers the best of her finds. Amy’s offerings cover a wide range, since CBD has properties that aid many areas (from beauty, wellness, intimacy, pain/inflammation, sleep and stress).

Amy offers education too.  Part of her mission is to dispel myths that stem from marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient (THC) that is not in the products she sells.  She also wants to make it clear that CBD is a part of your wellness journey, not the only thing.  Amy had her marriage therapist, plus added other practices to guide her to deal with her anxiety.  Five years in, and she now has a routine that involves CBD plus the EFT practice called tapping.   She always recommends her clients check with their doctors before starting any plant medicine.  While Amy is not a doctor, she has taken many courses to learn about plant medicine.  Soon she will have earned her Cannabinoid Certification!

Amy Chin Calm Better Days on Zoom

Meeting Amy via Zoom at a networking event for Mom Owned Businesses

Even with all the research I’ve done, meeting with Amy has been enlightening.  She keeps up with all the industry changes so you don’t have to!  She personally tests the products she sells, so she can give you her personal recommendations.  If you are CBD curious, spending time with Amy first would be a good investment.

Where will your passions take you?

Amy’s adventurous journey started when she felt no passion.  She had the career, the home, the hubby, the kids.  She took her first steps to wellness and back to joy when she first became aware of her emotional issues.  Her path led her to uncovering something different.  And then to discovering it helped her be happy, and wanting to share this with others.  She explored what made her enjoy life, and took the risks to becoming an entrepreneur.  Now she shares her passion with clients all over the United States.  And the best part? Amy’s the inspiring and fun mom, not the yelling, hamster-on-a-wheel mom.  CBD changed Amy’s life for the better. Where could your passions take you?

Connect with Amy Chin at Calm Better Days https://calmbetterdays.co/consultation/ or on social media (Instagram @Calm_Better_Days or Facebook @calmbetterdaysnyc ). Note: I am not an affiliate and am not being paid in any way by Amy. She’s just awesome!

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