Dog Tales, an Unleashed Collection of True Stories

Dog Tales book

Dog Tales, An Unleashed Collection of True Stories is a collection of 33 stories about dogs and their humans.  One of those stories is mine!  My essay is called “Dog Is My Co-Pilot” and is about a doodle-doodle who came into my family’s life at an important time.

Since embarking on my new career as a writer, I’ve written many things all stemming from my start on this very site as a blogger.  One morning, my mom called and told me about an opportunity that her friend offered – an essay about dogs.  At first, I wasn’t inspired.  And then, during a particularly emotional moment, his story spilled out of me. It was cathartic.

I didn’t have any intention of it going any further than sharing with my family – mom loved it so much she sent it to her friend!  The final result is this grand collection of stories, including the one I wrote about my favorite fur-ball, Brady.  In my essay, I shared about his love of tennis balls, and his being a co-pilot on road trips (inspiring my phrase for him “dog is my co-pilot” a play on the “God is my co-pilot” saying).  Since they didn’t include photos in the book, I am sharing them with you here!

Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate, so I am using their link.  I *may* receive a commission on what you buy, if you want to buy the book.  No pressure! Just letting you know the deal. Use the button or this link:



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