CBD Lube is a thing? YES!

Q: What can you tell me about CBD lube?

A: There’s such a thing as a lube made from weed!

sign for Sex & Cannabis event where I learned about CBD lube

When discussing potential 420 (ie weed) topics last February, an adventuress friends asked me about CBD lube.  I had to admit, I had no idea this was even a thing!  Then a few other friends started discussing their experiences with it, to mixed reviews.  I wondered (that magical “I Wonder” question!) where to learn more, when a local CBD store advertised an event the following Sunday.  When the Universe gives you non-subtle signs, it’s important to pay attention…so to the event I went, notebook in hand.  Want to know more?  I’ve compiled what I’ve learned along with links for your own further research.

But first, the regulations

So many sites that discuss THC have disclaimers where the reader states they are of legal age.  So, by scrolling further you agree you are 21+ years old.  Additionally, with the 2018 Farm Bill, the regulation of CBD is now overseen by the FDA.  Although federally legal, some states still choose to not allow CBD.  The FDA does not approve of CBD for ingestion. You’ll see on many of these products the “Not approved by the FDA” disclaimer.  THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis plants) is still considered a drug, and overseen by the DEA.

The list of states legalizing it is growing, but not yet everywhere.  Where it is legal, you do have to go to a dispensary to buy it (and some states you need a medical card).  When you read about the problems/health issues cannabis can “solve,” know that it is anecdotal as scientific research is limited (by recency of CBD legalization or THC still being Federally illegal).  In all cases, it’s up to the buyer to make sure what they are using is good for them.

map of USA states by cannabis legality which will help you know if CBD lube is available in your state

What is the status of legal CBD or THC in your state? Check out this oft updated map!

CBD Lube or Sensual Oil?

Beth Liebling, standing in her store, is ready to answer questions about lube, or even CBD lube and oils

Beth, whose mission is to help people enjoy sex, no matter age, gender, or body type (and beyond)

Beth Liebling, owner of Sexy Ed School, teaches people about different ways to enjoy sex.  As an expert, I asked her about her thoughts on CBD lube.  Since THC is not legal in Texas, she had no direct insight.  She did once carry a CBD lube in her past retail shoppe and her customers were not overwhelmed with the product.  However, she does carry different, high quality CBD oils which her customers state helps them with relaxing and pain relief.   She noted how you could have a good or bad experience with lube, depending on the quality of the product.  We agree, that is the same point for CBD – you can have good, bad or ‘meh’ experience depending on what you buy.  (Check out my other CBD posts about CBG and Creams to learn what to look for in a product).

“Is it a quality lube? Or is it a spot-specific oil that enhances relaxation and decreases pain?”

-Beth Liebling

The answer to this will help you when you decide what you want a cannabis product to do as a part of your sex life.

A Water Based CBD Lube?

There are a few companies that have figured out how to make a water-based lube.  Not an easy feat as CBD tends to not mix well with water.  Here are two to check out (and read their science sections, to get a better feel for if you think these products are worthwhile).  Why water-based lube?  Because it’s safe to use with most condoms and with silicon adult toys.  Most of these type lubes may seem more like “traditional” lubes except with that extra enhancement.  Additionally, like other cannabis products, it takes time for the effect to happen.

GoLove CBD

Kush Queen

And Now the Oils

two vials of CDB/THC sex oils with marijuana leaf inbetween

Two DEW Sensual Cannabis Oils by Luminous Botanicals

Hand crafted “sensual cannabis oils” seems to predominate the market, whether CBD or THC+CBD. Technically, cannabis lube is merely a nickname for enhanced oils used for sex and not the traditional conception of lubricant. Apparently, THC has the ability to accelerate arousal and amplify orgasms while CBD helps with relaxation and pain relief. Used as a topical, it is processed by the body differently than if you were to smoke it or ingest it.  According to Amory Jane, “every body, and their endocabinoid system, is different.”  She advises, as do many other experts in the field, to “start low, take it slow.”  This way you can judge the effects on how it makes you feel.  It’s about you, not some “industry standard.”

Double check the ingredients list!  In several products, I found they included other ingredients such as cacao (yes – chocolate!), cinnamon, peppermint and black pepper.  These ingredients are also supposed to increase blood flow or have “feel good” qualities – but are not cannabis related.  In my unofficial, unscientific opinion – adding such things means the company isn’t using a high-grade or effective cannabis product.

Since many oils have some level of THC, they are only allowed to be sold in the state where the product is made.  (THC products cannot cross state lines – even if legal in both states!).  Luminous Botanicals (who sponsored the seminar I attended) is based in Portland, OR. With a little research, here are a few more recommended products.  California had so many that if you live there you’ll have plenty of choices!

Stoney Yoni (AZ)

Foria (some products are in most states, THC products in CA & CO)

Velvet Swing (WA)

Purient (MA)

Make your own CBD lube?

Don’t have a store that makes a good CBD lube product?  Why not make your own?  It seems to be just as easy as (or easier than) making your own CBD cream.  Someone even suggested using the LEVO cannabutter machine

How to make DIY Marijuana Lube – Leafly

Levo I Cannabutter Machine (via my Amazon affiliate)

However, Marijuana Doctors cautions about making your own:

Avoiding infections: Most DIY recipes use coconut oil, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. While many people use it as a natural remedy or a lubricant, it can also disrupt your PH balance. Your doctor can help you determine how much coconut oil will enhance your health instead of harming it. Also, you have to DIY your lube with extreme care if you use flowers. If you don’t strain it perfectly, leftover pieces of bud can make you further prone to infection.

Protecting sensitive skin: An imbalanced formula can cause an allergic reaction. Even when you do use marijuana lube created by experts, a doctor can help you find a product that doesn’t irritate.

Managing your body’s response: While marijuana lube doesn’t cause a body or cerebral “high,” excess THC can make you too sensitive. You can have difficulty balancing the THC levels of DIY lube.

Cannabis and sex

I’m not going to go into details about how all this can enhance your sex life.  That’s your adventure! (Also, during the past COVID19 stay-home orders, many of the sites touted how this is a wonderful solo adventure!).  I was fortunate to attend a seminar on the topic, and ask questions.

chart of effects of THC as it relates to sex, and background info for CBD or THC lube

Amory Jane, who led the workshop, wisely teaches to negotiate your boundaries and have full consent while in a sober state.  She prefers whole spectrum products over those using isolates.  Amory Jane believes in trusting the plant medicine, as it knows what you need.  Follow your intuition and let go of any anxiety if you fall asleep or if things take longer than anticipated.  Have a journal to write down the effects of the different products so you know what to use when you’re in different moods.

These products are not inexpensive.  One person compared it to high-end perfumes with a better outcome.  Being able to test different brands without investing time and money (.33 fl oz can cost $40-$80 or more!) is currently not an option.  Armory Jane’s sage advice to clearly communicate ahead of time, to set the scene, and to have the intention to use the products mindfully makes sense.

What is CBD Lube?

What is CBD Lube? Hopefully, now you know more- and are open to giving this adventure a try! Have more questions?  Beth Liebling and Amory Jane are both sex educators and willing to offer you answers in their areas of expertise.

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