Why pick a Word for the Year?

Choosing a word for the year has become a New Year ritual.

At this time of year, it seems there are all sorts of rituals to be done since the new year starting symbolizes a fresh start.  Why pick a Word for the year?  I’ve suggested other rituals to try – creating a vision board or a bucket list.  Those are good ideas too – if that appeals to you.  I don’t do those every year, but the ones I do stay with me over the years.  But the word for the year?  That’s appealed to me now for several years.

Last year at this time I declared “Consistently” as my word for 2018.  I’ve picked words in the past, and ended up forgetting what I had chosen.  This past year, though, my word became my mantra.  It showed up in different forms (consistent, consistency, as well as consistently).  It was the motivator to make sure I wrote a blog every week, or consistently sent something to my subscribers.

My thoughts for 2018’s word

In December 2017, I was going to go with the word “Flow” (as in ‘money flows to me,’ ‘when I’m in flow, life is fun & easy,’ ‘creativity comes from being in flow,’ ‘I’m in flow when I’m truly being my authentic self.’  Doesn’t it sound worthy? A good state to be in?

Yet, the word “Consistently” kept sneaking into my head.  That funny little inside voice, whispering every time I thought I’d decided on a word.  Maybe it’s my spirit guides (or angels/higher power/higher-self) whispering.  Who knows…all I know is that I had to listen.  My mind resisted, came up with excuses or rationales for ignoring Consistently and going with Flow.

But in reality, my mind was trying to keep me stuck in my current state of being, my status quo (static, not growing).  My mind was trying to keep me from facing my fears. Why was I so afraid of the word Consistently?  What was behind the games my mind was playing to make me think this wasn’t the ‘right’ word to incorporate as a theme? Contemplating this, these fears, these things I was resisting…when I examined them–weren’t actually my issues, but those of my ancestors (ie, that doing something consistently is equated with boring routine…and to some in my family tree too much routine = slow death)

Consistently stuck with me on a consistent basis all year!  I am grateful it did, as it has helped me move forward in my life, helped me reach goals, and overcome those inner fears that made me resistant.

Choosing a new word for 2019

There are lots of tips & tricks out there in the interwebs for helping you choose your word.  From business magazine articles to a mom blog having words pre-written for you to choose from to meditations and videos.  Choose whatever method works for you!

This year my word showed up.  And showed up, and showed up.  If you believe in signs from the Universe or angels, then that’s what I was being given.  Maybe because 2018’s word was so effective, that when I mentioned it was time to start looking for my 2019 word, it seems as if spirit guides made sure I saw my next one.word for the year



I hearby declare my word for 2019 is Knowing.  For me, it means trusting my instinct or intuition.  Years ago I remember wishing I had a superpower, and a shaman friend suggested that maybe mine is knowing.  In the sense that I have an inner GPS that gives me a sense of who people really are, underneath their daily masks.  As a teen I would people-watch and have fun making up stories about them.  A few times I met those people and learned their stories…and found I was often right.  A little freaky when you’re that young!

Learning to trust myself over the years has been my journey and my adventure.  I still have more to go – which may be why 2019 will be the year my Knowing will grow and become my superpower!  Who knows?  That’s the fun of adventure – taking the risk of choosing something that makes you uncomfortable and being open to the wonder of what the outcome will be!

What’s your word for the year?

word for the year

Take some time to reflect on the past year, and look to the coming year and feel what you’d like to add to your life.  Do all the tips suggested (journaling, meditation, choosing from a list already written because one jumps out at you) or maybe your heart already is telling you what word will be your mantra.  My 2018 word has become a part of me, so I will consistently continue to be consistent.  I look forward to what Knowing will bring!  My desire is to meet you here again in a year, and see what adventures your word has brought too!  Be sure to leave a comment below with your word so we can look back next year!


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