Wednesday the Airstream, 11.2019 update

Thank you for letting me know you enjoy learning about Wednesday the Airstream Adventure Mobile, a 27′ vintage 1975 Overlander.  We bought her in September, on a Wednesday (See “Introducing Wednesday, our Airstream Adventure” for this story).  She does have her own Instagram account @WednesdayTheAirstream) which has been fun for discovering that community.  Sit back, relax and enjoy Wednesday the Airstream updates (as of November 2019) and a little bit of fun stuff at the end.

Me feeling the warm sun on my face next to the Airstream
How do you define home?

Adventure Attitude and Airstreams

“It has taken me a long time to truly understand that adventuring is what makes my soul light up and my heart open.  Something I knew as a child, but somehow those messages got lost along the way.

Traveling with my home is where I find both comfort and experience.  With the ability to hitch up my home and take it with me on my adventure, I find the nervous excitement of the unknown, yet travel with the comforting experience of the familiar.”

-Karen Flett, Living the Airstream Life  

Freedom and…

What do you feel when you think of Airstreams? I’ve been searching to describe the freedom people feel when I discuss remodeling my vintage airstream to turn it into a rolling home.  To me, I found this sense of freedom after going deep into discovering who I am.  I discovered adventure, as I like to say, in my backyard.  It’s a way of looking at life, with childlike wonder.  When I think about my future rolling home, it isn’t about living the gypsy life.  It’s about exploring other people’s “backyard” while helping them (you?) find their (your?) sense of adventure, what sets them (you?) free.


Just as creating my adventurous outlook took work, so does renovating Wednesday the Airstream Adventure Mobile.  We watch hundreds of how-to videos, and many more to go.  I am developing the vision for how we want her to be designed.  Meanwhile still working on creating and growing businesses that will allow us to travel in our home.  Don’t be fooled by all the pretty images on many accounts you see on social media or other blogs.  It’s slow.  There are surprises (like chipmunk nests, old tools and water drips).  But we have determination and the ability to see that it will be worth it.

Wednesday progress

Wednesday the Airstream parked in a yard with chickens
Wednesday the Airstream hanging with her little farm friends.

Home is where you park it

We consider ourselves blessed to have a place to stay and to park Wednesday during her renovations.  We have access to some tools and space to work.  One of the first things we bought is a metal shed to store all her insides.  We also bought some tarps and poles to build a protective cover over her for the winter months.  Ken and I may use this shade structure next summer at Burning Man…we haven’t decided yet. 

Building a shed, with a moldy hand-me-down shed next to it
Building the shed from Home Depot. In front is the second-hand shed we found on the app NextDoor
inside of shed
The mountain views behind the property are stunning
the metal shed completed
The metal shed, completed, waiting to be filled

When we bought Wednesday, the previous owner had already started some work.  They pulled the kitchen counter from its spot. The flooring and the frame had work done. After taking out the things the past owner had worked on, we set on taking out the rest.  This did not happen in a day!  We have created an excel sheet to keep track of our expenditures, as well as our wish list.  “They” (aka experts) say that it will cost twice what we expect and will take twice as long as we plan.

inside view of the airstream before we emptied it out
The middle parts have been taken out, labeled and put in the shed.

Airstream Rally

A row of Airstreams on a Main Street
The Independence, OR Airstream Rally, our first!

We went to an Airstream rally to check it out.  There were about 20 of them, many new.  We saw one Argosy (similar to one we “almost” bought).  I think learning about this rally was our first inkling we had unknowingly joined a cult.

orange and white Argosy parked on a street
A vintage Argosy RV (not a trailer!)
collage of vintage Airstream showing outside and inside views
We were excited to come across the same version as Wednesday the Airstream. This owner kept it’s original layout (which helped convince us to change our floor plan, since the bed placement was too tight for us).

Vintage Airstream Restorers

The best part of the rally was meeting Brad Taylor, who heads the Oregon Airstream Club .  He owns a business restoring vintage Airstreams (Shiny Shacks .  His wisdom about our upcoming adventure?  “You’ll find two things in every vintage trailer project: leaks; and rodents”.  Brad says he is busy with renovation projects through the end of 2020 . His daughter owns a local business doing the same thing (Wayward Trailers ).

collage of vintage Airstreams from the 1950s
These old Airstreams were so cute! The owners (the Taylors) of the one with the red & white stripe awning has traveled so many places in it!

Learning how to camp with trailers

collage of truck, blue bird and Lava Lake
To better understand all the ins-n-outs of RV camping, we went with friends to Lava Lake and Mt. Bachelor (on a cold October weekend!)
Airstream Bambi at a campground
I got excited seeing one of the tiny Airstreams (called Bambi) while camping
turned over boat with lake dock
What do you see? A pretty view? Or…hey, look! Rivets on an aluminum boat! Yup, we’re officially obsessed!


Lost somewhere in Pinterest I found an inspiration for this year’s Halloween pumpkin. It’s been a few years since I’ve carved a pumpkin. Do you do more than basic scary pumpkin faces?  I am grateful for my brother, who gave me a little insight and lots of encouragement to go for it.  Do you agree my pumpkin rendition of Wednesday the Airstream came out pretty well?  I shared it with some of the Airstream groups – and hundreds have agreed I made a cool pumpkin!

Halloween trailer pumpkin in front of our Airstream
Mini Wednesday the Airstream is sooo cuuuute!

Wednesday’s Dump Run Adventure

Taking out (almost) all the things. What to save? What to dump?

Fun in the bathroom

Is she pretty yet?

the shiny back end of the airstream
Wednesday the Airstream’s insides are so shiny! With so much out, we can see the metal outer skin. And all the rivets we have to replace. We also learned how aluminum from different batches can have color variations (see the rose tone to the middle ceiling panel?)

The front

At the dump

view of dumpster with garbage mountains behind it
The local dump where for $40 you can unload up to 680lbs of garbage. We got rid of 12 bags (mostly filled with insulation) and the old cushions. Our truck was weighed on the way out (about 7,500lbs!). Afterwards we went looking for elk, but since it was hunting season we did not get out of the truck to walk the trails.

Wednesday the Airstream plans

In addition to watching YouTube tutorials, we have been exploring Airstream Forums, Vintage Airstream and Facebook groups.  It has a wealth of info of all sorts about Airstreams.  There are also a few places for information about vintage Airstreams (such as some of the suppliers Vintage Trailer Gaskets & Vintage Trailer Supply )  I called one of them and they were incredibly patient and helpful.  I am sure they know I will be a future customer!

We are at a point where we need to commit to a layout for Wednesday the Airstream Adventure Mobile. Especially since the electrical will need to be figured out: what kind of lighting do I want? and where? What about appliances? How do we rig it so we can add solar later? Below is a basic idea of what I want. Changing the back bathroom to a queen size bedroom. We plan to have a small “wet” bath on one side. I would like a deep kitchen sink (instead of the two shallow ones). We are still debating what the layout for the front: pull out table; or one that becomes a bed support? Will we place the desk up front or on the side? There are so many choices!

drawing of my Airstream plan
Online I found some layouts of vintage Airstreams. I used this one (though Wednesday is 27′ not 29′) to roughly draw my thoughts. However, this won’t cut it. We are exploring the 3D app SketchUp

Just for Fun

Recently I discovered Spotify has playlists they curate for long drives.  Check it out under Airstream public playlists 

Check out a song called “Airstream” by Miranda Lambert.  For your ease, I found a video of her singing. While the video is not very well filmed, it is Miranda singing live.  To entertain you a little further, here’s an HGTV special about her Airstream, Wanda. Miranda takes it on tour with her, to use as a place to hang out with the gang after a show:

1. Miranda Lambert’s Airstream Makeover: The Inspiration

2. Miranda Lambert’s Airstream Makeover: The Design

3. Miranda Lambert’s Airstream Makeover: The Reveal

While Wednesday may seem like a lot of work (ok, she is), we are enjoying the learning and the creative process. There are so many really cool inspirational projects out there to check out. Choosing the parts of projects that will be “right” for us is…an adventure! Does all this information overload you or inspire you? Or motivate you to come help??

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