MURAL WALKS: not just art appreciation

Me standing in front a mural of wings
Corvallis mural walk: Buteo jamaicensis, Red-Tailed Hawk by Alice Marshall. Photo by my niece, Stacey.

What’s a key element for an adventurous mindset? Appreciation.  It helps you to be present in the moment and let go of worry. One way to learn appreciation is to look at where you are right now, what you are doing and notice something you haven’t seen before.  Have you ever explored your town as a tourist?  Instead of zipping by something you’ve passed hundreds of times before, try looking at it as if you were a person visiting on vacation.  I did this when I lived in a suburb of New York City.  Now that I’ve moved across country, I’m exploring my new town.  Funny enough, the same day I took a walking tour of the murals in Corvallis, my former town (New Rochelle) had their first mural art walk!

Corvallis, OR

under a bridge art installation of cougar painting
Cougar Under The Bridge by Marnie Ernst Zoa
colorful wall art based on the Grateful Dead lyrics
Cultural Transformation by Rip Cronk. Grateful Dead lyrics about equality.
black and white mural of old time logger wagon
1910 Thorpe Truck by Dan & Mae Hitchcock

New Rochelle, NY

Mural of woman blowing into her hand
One of the stunning installations in New Rochelle (“Diversity” by Mr. Cenz). While my former home-town had its first art walk premiering all the new street art, I toured my (across the country) new town’s street art.

To inspire your curiosity and maybe even your creativity, I’ve put together a listing of public wall art walks for all 50 states.  Some states have more options than others.  Some had better websites with maps.  Does it matter?  Use these as starting points, get curious and create your own adventure! Bonus tip – many are great for your Instagram posts. But be careful…as one website says:

Once a mural spotter, always a mural spotter. You’ll always be looking!



            Birmingham 21 Murals

            Dothan City Walk


            Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Public Art Walk

            Seward Mural Capital Walk


            Phoenix: Murals of Phoenix 

            Tuscon Meet me at Maynards


            Fort Smith: The Unexpected

            Little Rock Art Into The Outdoors

  and beyond


            Los Angeles listing




            San Diego

Murals in San Francisco

            San Fransisco Mission District


            Colorado Springs Art On the Street

            Denver; Denver Street Art


            New London Mural Walk

            State Listings Magnificent Murals


            Towne Square Angel Wing Project

            Wilmington Street Art Thrives


            Hollywood Tour

            Statewide Tour

            Miami listings 


            Atlanta Listings

            Atlanta Street Art Map


            Honolulu Pow Wow Hawaii

            Maui Wailuki


Boise Freak Alley

            Idaho Falls


            Chicago Listings

            Chicago (3 neighborhoods)



            Fort Wayne Painted Murals Trail

            Indianapolis Public Murals


            Des Moines Public Art

            Iowa City Mural Project


            Kansas City Self-Guided Tour


            Harlan County Mural Fest

            Lexington Mural Challenge


            New Orleans: Unframed   Fat City Mural Project Nola Mural Map   Google map of Nola Public Art

            Statewide listings



            Portland Street Art



Baltimore Baltimurals map

            Chesapeake Country Mural Trail

Washington DC Murals DC Project


            Boston Listing

            Boston Underground 2019 video  and location

            Lynn Beyond Walls

            Springfield Fresh Paint

Worcester Pow! Wow!


            Detroit Murals in the Market

            Flint 100 Murals

Grand Rapids Murals

           Lansing Below The Stacks


            Minneapolis Listings; Meet Minneapolis

            St Paul ChromaZone Mural Festival

            Statewide Listings



Vicksburg Riverfront


            Kansas City SpraySeeMO




Great Falls


            Omaha Kent Bellows South Omaha


            Las Vegas

            Reno Mural Tour

New Hampshire


            Nashua Positive Street Art

New Jersey

Asbury Park Boardwalk

Jersey City   and a Map My Walk route

New Mexico

Albuquerque Mural Map


New York

Brooklyn/Bushwick Unplugged Self-Guided Tour

Buffalo & Western NY

New Rochelle Street Art Mankind

New York City Street Art & Graffiti ; The Audubon Mural Project ; Time Out NY Top Ten Spots

street art of 2 stick figures
Art I came across in NYC in Little Italy

North Carolina

Charlotte How To Explore Uptown

Raleigh Outdoor Murals

Statewide Must See Murals

North Dakota

Bismark-Mandan Community Murals

Fargo-Moorhead Murals


        ArtWorks Cincinnati Mural Map

Columbus Listings

Dayton’s Best Murals


            Oklahoma City

Tulsa City of Murals


Corvallis Murals  

Eugene 20X21 Mural Project

Portland Listings

Downtown Springfield (OR) plays homage to The Simpsons, where the originator of the series grew up. This mural, by Bayne Gardner, is on the back of a meat market!

Springfield A Walk of Art

Statewide Oregon is Magic Trail


Harrisburg HBG Mural Festival


Philadelphia – with over 3,600 murals, you have quite the choices for where you want to see the art!  Start here, choose a neighborhood and go!

Rhode Island

Providence Public Art Tour

South Carolina


Clarendon County


South Dakota

            Huron Murals on the Town

            Rapid City Art Alley

            Vermillion Mural Project



Nashville with map




Dallas Deep Ellum 42     

Houston Listing


            Provo Mural Hunting

Salt Lake City


Burlington Anthill Collective




Virginia Beach Creative District





West Virginia

            Statewide Listing


            Ashland Mural Tour

Milwaukee Welcome Adventurers



            Jackson Hole


At Your Service

Please note: I am not being paid for listing any of these websites. I have compiled them for your ease of finding fun & adventure near you. (However, if any of the places listed wants to pay me to come see their murals and review in person – you bet I will!) If you do not see murals listed near you, there are two things you can do: 1) search online for some that might be near you or 2) get your community together to create murals. If you are in another country – feel free to mention in the comments the ones you like near you!

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