Could this be my new tiny home?

Choose everything sign from a travel expo
This banner from a travel expo expresses the sentiment of having all the choices…

When “The World is your Oyster” and you have the opportunity to choose what you want, how does it make you feel?  Excited?  Or overwhelmed? Or both?  The range of emotions I’ve been going through this while on this adventure (of selling my house and changing my life – moving to the opposite coast and not knowing what or where my next home will be) often goes from excitement to overwhelm.  At moments, I feel them even at the same time! 

How to cope when faced with too many choices? Now that we’ve crossed the country, and are starting to buckle down to deciding our next home, I’ve noticed a pattern of considering options along the way. The internal question I repeatedly ask is “Could this be my new home?”

Much of western culture is based on freedom of choice, which is supposed to lead to happiness.  Choosing from so many options can be daunting. We often take the easy decision – even if it’s not the one we really enjoy – just to make things simple.  Underlying making a choice is FOMO (fear of missing out) or making a “mistake”.  In our fast-paced world, the pressure is on to make quick decisions.  And this can lead to dissatisfaction, and – worse- beating yourself up for making the “wrong” choice.

One way I overcome overwhelm

Take a look at what I’ve seen across America in the pics below.  Many of these alternative homes gave me reasons to consider what I like, what I want – as well as what I don’t want.  I have intentionally slowed down the process.  Maybe this is to avoid feeling bad about myself, or being afraid of making the “wrong” choice.  The way I see it, by being “in the moment” (not making final decisions but allowing what could be to show up in it’s own time), is my adventure in exploring what resonates with me.

Maybe, as you cruise through the photos, you’ll see a parallel in your life where being open to new ideas can help your dreams come into sharper focus, or taking the time to deeply consider your feelings to all the choices can change your feelings of overwhelm.

The Vision

Blue and white tiny house in the mountains
This photo (from Tumble Weed Houses) is the closest match to my dream I could find

A few months ago I woke up to a very vivid dream, almost like a vision of my future.  The clarity was unusual (most of my dreams are…weird, as dreams tend to be!).  I saw myself on a piece of property (mine) with a variety of tiny homes – from vintage Airstreams to a tiny house painted a deep blue with white trim and other interesting elements.  The property had big fir trees, and the tiny dwellings in a rough circle in a meadow.  Pretty specific, huh?  The dream, the vision, has stuck with me, reassuring me that this life direction will lead to something really cool.  The feeling that came with the dream, however, is that there is a lot of work to do to make this dream a reality.  First things first – what will be our first tiny home project?

Tiny Home inspirations

sign for Tiny House Leadville rentals
While in Colorado, we came across this gathering of tiny houses, open for renting!
View of plot of land in Colorado valley with green grasses and spikey evergreens and mountains in the background
My Adventure Partner’s family owns this property in Colorado. Taking a look opened up even more possibilities! It feels very “Wild West” in this under-developed area.

Inspirations for building homes – shapes, textures, materials and patterns. Photos above are from Boston, Ohio, Michigan and the Oregon coast. Photos below are from a favorite art installation at Burning Man (2019) called The Folly. Their use of patterns and materials offered surprises at every turn.

collage of images of a glamping teepee at an Oregon hot spring
We stopped at a hot springs that had different cabin options, such as this teepee. Having helped friends build teepees for ceremonies, it was interesting to stay in one (built for way different reasons). This was pretty glam camping, but it gave some cool ideas for space usage.
View of three small cabins or tiny houses built of brown woods, tin roof set against a mountain background
Another hot spring offered lots of tiny homes to stay in. Each cabin is different, and made use of recycled/upcycled/reclaimed materials. So creative & thoughtful!

RVs, Buses and Campers to convert to tiny homes!

View of many RVs in a large expo hall
We explored many RVs at an expo in Boston. It helped us get to know sizes, types and gadgets for tiny home living.
Painted RVs at Burning Man
Burning Man RVs
Burning Man has a plethora of wildly painted RVs, buses and campers. Some are so wild, I could say definitely No. Some had some fascinating ideas (such as refrigeration that works on low energy, even in the hot desert).
assorted converted buses into traveling homes & campers at a campground
Buses are often very obvious “works in progress”! Makes you realize the importance of a paint job on your rolling home.
bus in Hell, MI
Living in Hell…MI! We saw this parked bus while visiting Hell, MI and weren’t sure if it moved anywhere. We were tempted to ask about it, but decided it may inspire more punny jokes from the store manager.
Route 66 50s camper
We came across this camper at a funky roadside (Route 66!) restaurant. It’s fun, but too tiny!
European camper on a dirt mountain road
A friend tried to convince us to get a camper van like his. While I know there are many who live #vanlife, we’ve decided they are too small (and this one is even smaller than the ones most live in!)

Travel Trailers as Tiny Homes

Largest Covered Wagon with Abe Lincoln statue as well as Stacey standing by the huge wagon wheels
Travel trailer pulled by giant horses? Another Route 66 attraction, the “largest covered wagon” made me ponder what it must have been like for pioneers living on the road while adventuring west.
tear drop travel trailers
At an RV dealership, the salesman thought a teardrop trailer would suit our needs. While it has all the basics, it’s too confining for our home.
Aistream used as cabin at a campground
At the hot spring, we saw this old Aistream being used as a cabin. It fits very much into my vision of having different kinds of tiny homes on my future property!
used vintage Airstream sitting in someone's backyard
Could this be my future home? Stay tuned to find out!

Antidote for overwhelm is slow down

Too many options, too many things to do, the general busy-ness our culture pushes – can be the causes for overwhelm. It can be hard to take the time to slow down. It’s also hard to get quiet enough to listen to your inner voice, the one that helps you make the “right” choices. This is exactly when you take these “obstacles” of the rush of events, and turn them into challenges to overcome – to find your adventure of how to slow down and let go of overwhelm.

I chose to not make immediate decisions about what my next home will be. Was it simple? No. I’ve had lots of doubts, second-guesses and the urges to take the easy way out. But I’ve also experienced the fun of learning new things, experiencing what different options feel like, and discovery of what I truly enjoy. Isn’t that what having an adventure mindset is all about?

Could this be my future tiny home? I can wait, and look forward to the answer when it does show up! (And to seeing if my vision comes true!)

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