As Seen in Corvallis Advocate

As Seen In Corvallis Advocate

As Seen in the Corvallis Advocate

In December 2021 I started a freelance gig as a writer for the hyper-local paper, the Corvallis Advocate.  This post will be a collection of links to my favorite stories. I’ve excluded short newsy-items that are necessary news, but didn’t require much investigation on my part.

December 2021 

January 2022 (a blurb about my chocolate pairing events)

February 2022 (I also shared here

March 2022

Red Feather Ranch: Women Veterans Wanted for Survey

8th Annual Corvallis Tweed Ride

April 2022

Corvallis History with a Twist: Spectres of Benton County, Season Two

South Corvallis’s CoHo Ecovillage

Timberhill Protest Brings Fire Planning to Area

Corvallis Startup Agility Robotics Receives $150 Million Investment

Q&A With Corvallis Artist, Scott Moss





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Curiosity sparked is key for your adventure mindset.  Learn all sorts of new things in these posts – and use them to inspire your own adventures!

Into chocolate, and want to try this yummy familiar food in new ways? Check out these blog posts

Self Care is not selfish! When it comes to learning to play and have fun, taking care of you in different ways makes you, and life, more joyful

Be inspired by these guest bloggers who have created their adventure attitudes and transformations in their unique ways.

Sometimes to shift your outlook on life, you need to shift your perspective by traveling somewhere unfamiliar, or seeing familiar places in new ways.  It was while I was in another country that I realized – everywhere is someone’s backyard!  I’ve also become a big fan of traveling to one place that is wildly different each year – an event in the Nevada desert called “Burning Man”

Are you dreaming of tiny house adventures?  Start here.  I’ve worked at a tiny house builder, and am renovating a 1975 Airstream to be my home for my digital nomad life.

Your Adventure Mindset Mentor

Stacey Newman Weldon You need more fun & spontaneity in your life, and aren’t sure of next steps or the path to follow.  Let’s connect! You could choose a free 15 minute chat, various courses, or even select one-to-one coaching.

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Maureen Nikaido is on a mission to honor the farmers who grow cacao and educate American consumers about the goodness of bean-to-bar chocolate with her new brand – Moku.  The first spark of this...

How Burning Man Transformed Me From Corporate Wonk To Artist

  When I was 50 years old, I was introduced to Burning Man. This summer will be my eighth time attending this amazing, art and adventure filled event – sixth time if  you don’t count the last...

Is this your year for Burning Man Tickets?

2020 2021 2022 is the year to go to Burning Man! After two years of being pandemic canceled, this week-long event in the Nevada desert is on once again.  Every year the decision-makers at the...

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