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Growing up as a kid I loved listening to the Beatles.  They were the only records I cared to buy, and learned the lyrics by reading the words on the cover sleeves.  I have a slight hearing impairment, and their tunes were easy for me to sing along to (almost always by myself, as I was self-conscious about not being able to sing on key).  I never could choose which Beatle I was attracted to the most (which was a “thing to do” back then), so I alternated between them.  It didn’t matter, what mattered was the music always made me feel better.

Want to watch the show? Click the photo for the YouTube link

Recently a video was released of James Corden’s show, Carpool Karaoke, featuring Paul McCartney.  It fascinated me to see how people wrote in the comments their emotional reactions after having watched the episode.  Watching it made me smile, feel good, and it brought back memories of having seen Sir Paul in concert.

Bucket List item

Often-times when you are creating a Bucket List, it’s suggested to go see your favorite band perform live in concert.  Since I typically pick the Beatles as my “all-time favorite” I used to think it would be impossible for me to see them live.  When I was 17, (and at the time, all the Beatles were still living), my brother took me to see a popular musical “Beatlemania.”   I may not remember the details of the show, but I do remember how important my brother made me feel by giving me such a thoughtful gift.

While working in advertising sales a few years back, I had the opportunity to treat a client to a special fundraiser featuring several of my favorite stars.  Besides seeing Paul Newman (in a race car jumpsuit) and Julia Roberts on stage, we saw Paul McCartney playing a song or two on a piano.  I thought my Bucket List item could be checked off.  Seeing him perform made me feel happy.

The Beatles Bucket List item checked off

Do you have one of “those” friends, the one whose enthusiasm and laughter is infectious and if she suggests trying something, you say “why not”?  While others say I am that friend, I also have friends like this.  Lisa is one of them.  We had decided to get together one Saturday night, and during the day we were trying to figure out what would be fun.  Somehow, it came up that Paul McCartney had started a U.S. tour with a 2-night concert at Yankee Stadium.  Unbelievably, when we checked, there were tickets available (and reasonably priced).  By 4pm I was headed over to Lisa’s house so we could drive in together.  She knew all the back roads, and all the secret spots around Yankee Stadium.  We got there in record time, and (as I say to this day) found magical parking right at the Stadium! (Free! Legal! Short walking distance! How can you say this was not magical?)


When I think back to that concert, I will always remember – more than the music – the energy and joy I felt because Paul McCartney shared his energy and joy with all of us that night.  I understand that not all concerts given by favorite musicians can turn out so positive, but for me – if I had written a Bucket List back then – I could officially say I could check that item off!  What I’ve learned from seeing the Beatles live in different ways is aptly described by a Maya Angelou quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


What’s important is how a person makes you feel…this photo says it all!


Don’t have a Bucket List?  Check out this blog I wrote about creating one.

Want to read about another way I interacted with my favorite band – check out my blog on how my friends recreated the Beatles from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as sock puppets.

Paul The Beatles Sgt Pepper

Paul, as puppet (created by Pop Culture Passionistas)

Are you wondering about Ringo? Yeah, me too.  Here’s a link to his concert schedule (…hmmm, he’ll be in NY in September.  Sounds like an adventure!

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